XENA and Bruce vie for power on the 5/17/98 Coney Island tour

(Photo courtesy of Frank P., fperfett@aol.com)

Pictured here is the famous AOL XENA at Nathan's, in full battle gear, trying to make me honor my pledge to buy her a hot dog... Actually, she bought ME the hot dog. XENA is, well, rather difficult to describe. As Edison Lighthouse sang in 1970, "if you met her, you'd never forget her".
Xena is just a free-spirited, free-talking, free-wheeling personality, apparently without inhibition. She does not believe in punctuation in writing; in fact, she doesn't believe that anybody should UNDERSTAND her writing. She'd get an A+ in run-on sentences.... Actually, I've only met her a few times, when she invades New York to visit her children warriors. She is a warm, lovely, funny, entertaining woman, who obviously enjoys life to its fullest.

Xena and Hercules, 1973

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