The Legendary

Pictured here is the legend of the Brooklyn Boards of AOL, Skygypsy, known to his friends as Sky. Rumor has it that Sky is wearing NO pants in the picture.

Sky is a man of few words. That is because he only KNOWS a few words.... All seriousness aside, though, Sky is a thoroughly loyal Brooklynite which makes him okay in my book. He and I wage a never-ending battle on the Brooklyn Boards to defend the honor of that great borough, Brooklyn

Skygypsy is also famous for battling it out with the more obnoxious people of the Brooklyn Boards, with his short but to-the-point posts. He was the center of the Brooklyn Board's first major controversy by referring to a fellow member as 'pond scum', a phrase that was 'the shot heard around the Brooklyn Boards'. There are still arguments raging 3 years later.

Nobody has met Skygypsy yet; he has been absent from personal AOL meetings. Rumor has it that he is really Elvis Presley. He is one of the true mystery men of the Boards.

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