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1987 Andrea & Lisa - Roots of MPVA Kingsborough CC Kingsborough College,Bklyn
June, 1990 MPVA moves to Marine Park   Marine Park, Brooklyn
August, 1995 Crazy Les appears at Marine Park Crazy Les Marine Park, Brooklyn
December 2, 1995 Bruce's 40th Birthday Bash Bruce Trump Village, Brooklyn
July 14, 1996 MPVA on the Road MPVA Riis Park, New York
August 3, 1996 Andrea's Birthday   Lundys, New York
August 8-11, 1996 Central Park Open WPVA Central Park, New York
August 16-17, 1996 Belmar Open AVP Belmar, New Jersey
August 17, 1996 Steve and Malky Wedding   Brooklyn, New York
August 19, 1996 MPVA at Yankee Stadium NY Yankees Bronx, New York
August 31, 1996 MPVA at Brighton Beach   Brighton Beach, NY
September 4, 1996 MPVA Jazz at Iridium (Toots) Iridium Jazz Club Iridium, New York
October 12, 1996 Comedy Club Stand - Up New York Stand-UP New York
October 26-27, 1996 Gold Medal Clinic with Pat Powers   Amherst, Massachusetts
November 2, 1996 Jim and Margaret Wedding   Brooklyn, New York
November 10, 1996 Chelsea Sports Pier Outing Chelsea Piers Chelsea Piers, New York
December 31, 1996 MPVA New Year's Party Bruce Brooklyn, New York
January 11-19, 1997 Club Med Pro Volleyball Week Club Med Photos Turks and Caicos Islands
March 27, 1997 MPVA Italian Night Mambo Italiano Brooklyn, New York
April 20th, 1997 MPVA Opening Day Marine Park Brooklyn, New York
??? MPVA at The Metropolitan Museum Met. Museum New York, NY
??? MPVA at the Movies    
June 22, 1997 MPVA at Central Park Budlight Pro 4's Central Park, New York
June 28, 1997 Alyson's Birthday Party Birthday Page Long Beach, Long Island
July 4, 1997 MPVA Independence Day   Long Beach, Long Island
July 15, 1997 Bruce's Beach Blanket Party   Brighton Beach, New York