This is my long-long-time friend, Michele. I can't remember exactly, but I think I met her by throwing a snowball at her while she was carrying a grocery bag home from Waldbaum's supermarket. Anyway, this "snowballed" into a life-long friendship.

The most famous "Michele" experience was the time a group of us went away to Dorney Park. Michele was driving. When we got home, something smelled putrid in the trunk. We thought maybe there were rats in the trunk or something. What happened was, I had left my socks out to dry at Dorney, but instead, it rained overnight, and I so considerately just threw them in Michele's trunk. Speaking of socks, I got a boot in the ass for that one.

Michele is always willing to help out her friends when in need. She works with special children as a profession, and finds dealing with me a very similar experience.

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