- The guy on the left is ME. Fortunately, the picture is very fuzzy, or your monitor would already be broken.  As you can see I'm in good shape for a guy of 50 years old. That's great, but I was only 40 years old... Anyway, too much about me, let's get to the better part, my fantasy.

- The goddess in the picture is Liz Masakayan, one of the best female volleyball players to ever grace the court. The picture was taken in Cancun, 1995, where there was a Club Med Volleyball Theme week.  I got to put my arm around Liz, and she agreed to have a picture snapped. Of course I had to pay her an extremely large sum of money...

- Besides being a great volleyball player, Ms. Masakayan was also such a nice and friendly individual.  She pleasantly spoke to everyone, and was really down-to-earth. Liz was recuperating from knee surgery at the time. She hurt her knee again in the summer, and this year is wearing a ton of stuff on her knees. How she is playing is beyond me, but she is still doing well, playing with Angela Rock. I wish her the best.

Thanks for the picture, Liz Masakayan!!!! This page is for you!

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