My name is Gloria Saperstein Benitez. My friends call me Glo. I grew up in Brighton Beach Brooklyn. I attended PS 253, PS 100 & Lincoln High. (Me, 1956)   (Me, 1957)

Some of you might remember my father's bialy bakery, it was pretty famous: Saperstein's Bialys  on Winthrop St in Brooklyn.    

My loving husband is Ed

I have 4 wonderful children Julie, Adam, Aimee & Jennifer. My beautiful grandkids Are Dani, Derek, Ajay, & Lola. My son-in-law is Steve.

I'd like to mention my late brother Albert and his wife Dorothy.
And a mention to my brother Carl and his wife Frances.

My hobbies are Doowop & classic Rock music, dancing, the beach, jewelry designing, AOL. I grew up with Harvey Keitel.

My life long friends are Sandra, Gloria, Eileen, Dotty, Gloria K, Phyllis & Lois, Rose, Bella, Howie,  Jo Ann, Steli  & Marsha.

MY AOL friends are: Bruce, Warren, Michele, Glen, Rich, Rich,, Fish, Es, Louise, Janet, Ira, Robert, Kim, Frank, Steph, Dee, Joan, Tom, Axe, Judy, Pat, Lisa, Laura, Jeannie, Donna, Holly, Sharon, Barry, Bruce, Tom,Randi, Johnny, Michael, Neal, Gabe, Angelo, Franco Barbie, Deb , Cindy, Lois, Dale, Jim, Debby, Dave, El, Perry, Matt, Jeff, Dee & Tommy R. , Bob, Tony, Carol, Angel, Marty, Joe, Carolyn,Larry,  Gus, Jane,  Art,  Rachel,  Stu,  Charles,  Dave, Claudia, Alex, Jillian, Jean, Steve, Allen, Vera, Frank, Linda, Fred, Brett, Bernadette.