Enid from Bayview

My memories of Bayview Projects are sometimes vague, since we moved when I was 10 years old (early 1966). However, one of my sharpest memories is of Enid. Our families were pretty close, especially summertime at the Seaview Yacht Club. We'd run around, have fights, go swimming, play shuffleboard; ah, the good times of being a kid.... I'd watch Enid's dad Sid play volleyball, and because of this, to this day I am an avid volleyball player myself. Then, Sunday nights we'd always go out to eat together, either on Flatlands Avenue (Wetson's, the Gold Mine), or on Cross Bay Blvd (Panar Pancakes,Pizza City).

Anyway, I never thought I would again encounter the girl who sang Beatle's songs in my ear obnoxiously because the Beatles were coming to the States; the girl who I made believe I hated because I was shy and a whole year younger than; or the girl who I have a vague recollection of watching a lunar eclipse with on the Bayview terrace one night along with others; or the girl I slapped so hard in the tush one time that I still can't believe I remember that to this day (Enid, can I apologize many decades later?)

Well, we both got onto AOL. I caught her name on some Canarsie list. I emailed her, apologizing if she didn't remember me, and fully expecting her NOT to. Well, when she IM'd me back that I was "the smart kid with the skinny legs who shivered when he came out of the swimming pool", I knew she remembered!

I am so glad we are in touch. I am also very happy that she is doing quite well: married a Bayview guy (always a good move!), three children, house in New Jersey. Also, you can see that she grew up to be extremely attractive, as I knew she would. Enid, continued good luck to you, and stay in touch!

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