I must admit that my opponent was ill at the board that day. He was coughing up a storm.!!!!! However, I thought my play was very original in this game.

      I had a very strange New York Open that year. I lost my first game to the eventual tournament co-winner, in 106 moves, a game that took 6 hours! Due to exhaustion, I lost the 2nd game. Failed tourney, right? Well, I drew the next 3 games, giving me a 1.5-3.5 score after 5 rounds. Then I turned it around, and won my next three games, to end up with 4.5-3.5, just missing the consolation prize (5 points needed). Not a bad score in the under 2200 class.

    I must give credit for the opening to one Gabe Rosenberg, who alerted me to the possibilities in answering the Dutch with 2.Bg5?! This game was a total experiment, as I had no book knowledge of this opening. Gabe Rosenberg has always been an original thinker in chess and other areas.