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Momsymoo, with the beautiful smile.Ldy: a true goddess of style.Retbroker, a man of personality and great humor.

Pictured here are a group of FANTASTIC (and tremendously sexy) women (and Ret) that I have been privileged to have met on America-Online. I was lucky enough to stumble upon the AOL Brooklyn forum, where people discuss (with affection) their experiences, past and present, of the great borough of Brooklyn. After participating in those forums, I was most graciously invited to join their weekly on-line chat group, thereby proving that these people had NO STANDARDS at all...

Then I was invited to a meeting of this group at Lundy's, conveniently located very close to home. Being fearful of a pack of wild women (and Ret), I took out additional life insurance beforehand, and warily ventured out. I discovered some very nice, and very funny and very "human" people. This should put the lie to the impression given by the mass media that everyone on-line is some sort of a lunatic (I mean, these people have been cleared of ALL charges against them, so there..)

I just hope, that, even though we are all quite busy with our personal lives, that time is found to stay in touch. I know that I will try. Even if it means picking up the check next time (private joke;I'm only KIDDING, people!!!).

Love, Bruce